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Alliances by Alisa Media Relations is a high-energy, publicity, advertising and social media firm that boasts more than two decades of experience in engaging statewide, regional and national media outlets. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries rely upon the agency to keep their marketing efforts fresh, compelling and intriguing!

Think Outside of the box with high energy publicity

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Through our customizable 3hourPower Up Your PR” program, we will teach your employees how to:

  • Create targeted media lists 
  • Write compelling press releases and advisories 
  • Conduct assertive media follow-up and overcome objection
  • Leverage your coverage 
  • Handle crisis communication


From small startups to international corporations, our clients rely upon the Alliances by Alisa Media Relations to keep their marketing fresh, focused and forceful to conquer their competition! Boasting a twenty-year track record of engaging statewide, regional and national media outlets, Alliances by Alisa Media Relations uses compelling storytelling to capture the attention of your target market. The result? Increased visibility and enhanced company branding, leading to elevated profit levels! But be prepared … clients are always impressed with how quickly they are thrust into the limelight!



 \ ˈstand-ˌau̇t 

something or someone, as a person, or thing, exceptional ability or high-quality, remarkably superior


We know how to create a scintillating news story that continually keeps your company making major headlines!
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Crisis Management

Your reputation is everything and when it’s threatened, you have no time to lose! We are poised and positioned to help you respond proactively and immediately.
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Media Training

Enhance your outcomes by delivering focused, consistent messaging to media and large audiences with ease.
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We deliver precise, creative messaging through strategic targeted placement of digital, print and radio outlets.
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Event Planning

Attention to detail helps us plan successful events for any size business and organization. We can handle all aspects of your event.
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Community partnerships double your communications impact among business and consumer groups, thus expanding and cultivating market segments, as well as developing new centers of influence.
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Social Media

Custom in-house content creation, editorial calendar development, deployment & management.
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