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2019 Social Media Trends that You Should Know


Social Media is one of the most important components of your PR plan!   How people perceive your company across its various platforms are critical to ensuring future growth, longevity and success throughout 2019.  Here are some timely new trends in the social media sphere that you should consider:

Expect consumers to demand more accountability

The days of sweeping mistakes under the carpet are no longer acceptable. The world is tired of seeing leaders embarrass themselves by denying mistakes or trying to cover them up. If consumers are noticing your business isn’t as green as it could be or that one of your employees has made a mistake, your best bet is to own up to it.  Acknowledge the mistake quickly and compassionately, and make the changes necessary to show you aren’t just letting it slide by.

Customized content is becoming more popular than branded content.  

While branding helps attract search engine attention, it’s not as effective in getting consumers to like it. Because of the lack of authenticity in much of the branded content, Google is working on their algorithm to favor content that feels fresh, innovative and original.

Social Listening is the new way to handle unhappy customers

In previous years, when a 1-star review rolled its way onto a company’s screen, it was usually ignored. Recent studies have shown, however, that if the customer is responded to, average ratings actually go up half a star. That’s a big deal when the difference is between 3.5 and 4 stars!  Businesses are catching on, and making it their goal to respond to every review—good or bad—within 24 hours or less.

Some responses have even gone viral! For example, one restaurant responded to a complaint on Twitter about its music being too loud, while the customer was still onsite eating. The restaurant owner was able to figure out who she was through her profile picture, serve her a cookie, and have the music turned down all within minutes of her tweet.

Backlinks are less useful

Backlinks were once the goldmine that Google and other search engines used to calculate how valuable a website was. If other websites regularly referenced a certain page, it would help that page rise in online ranks. This has led to the abuse of backlinks which are often sold for their value as an SEO tool.  The algorithms that decide the value of these links are catching on, however, and real content is starting to be respected more than backlinks.

Social media is a continually evolving and essential part of your business. What customers say and how you respond to them is always changing too.  The only constant is your necessity to adapt to and execute a vigilant social media strategy for continued victory!

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