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How to Know When to Invest in PR


PR is a proven marketing tactic, but some companies are indecisive about whether they need it and even more reluctant to set a budget for it.  If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth the money to invest in PR, here are 3 scenarios of why PR is essential for your business.

When the competition is beating you at your own game

Did you recently pay big bucks to add a new design line to your furniture manufacturing company only to find that your major competitor has already done it? This is a sign that you are being muscled out of your industry.  PR can help level the playing the field and give you the competitive edge as your particular news will be circulating among thousands of different media outlets. 

You have a major news announcement

Did you create a new product, innovative process or plan a major promotion? Getting the word out in the form of compelling news releases is good for your business and heightens customer awareness. Any time your business grows or changes in a big way, PR should be employed. If your story is universal enough, your company will be featured on the prime time nightly news- a maximum attention getter!

You messed up somewhere

Unfortunately, not all news we have to share is good. When something embarrassing, negative or detrimental happens, how you handle the situation can determine whether your company will rebound stronger or fail with the wrath of your customers. Positive publicity planted by a savvy PR firm can help mitigate your financial damage, repair your reputation and propel you upward.

For all of these reasons, every company really cannot afford to not invest in PR!  

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