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What does a public relations (PR) firm do?  We place timely stories about your company or organization and its unique products, services and programs in thousands of media outlets online, locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide! 

When you see an interview or news story in the media highlighting a company, it was most likely pitched by a PR firm.  The combination of shrinking newsrooms and an increasing demand for content has journalists turning to agencies like Alliances By Alisa Media Relations to fill valuable air time and print space.

But we are much more than a publicity firm! Alliances By Alisa Media Relations not only leverages your marketing dollars to generate the most media buzz across TV, radio, online and newspapers, we also offer integrated PR and marketing services to continually help a company stand out from the crowd.

Laying a strong foundation for your business to place place timely stories in medias hands

Power Packed Publicity

Purpose-Driven PR

Super-Charged Social Media Management

Conquering Crisis Communication

Masterful Media Training

Aggressive Advertising & Media Buying

Epic Event Planning

Caring Community Partnerships

Brand-Boosting Marketing Materials

Blog Blitz

Energized Emcee Services

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