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The Inside Track on Powering Up Your PR in 2019


Who doesn’t love getting positive attention from the media? Many startups desperately try to get their companies into newspapers, magazines, and websites, only to find it more challenging than they imagined. If you’re having some difficulty getting your business in front of the media, we’ve got the inside track and tangible industry tips to help you power up the PR process in the New Year!

Research the journalists before contacting them

Journalists constantly get bombarded by requests from companies, businesses and firms all seeking to get their particular story covered. These pitches are often mass mailed and have all the personality of the junk mail we throw out every day. Don’t be that business. Instead, put the professional aside and get personal by researching the journalist on Facebook and see what their interests are. If they have a particular hobby, such as going to Comicon conventions, playing basketball or knitting, connect with them on that subject. It will show you bothered to look at more than just their e-mail address.

Short pitches only

No journalist is going to read countless pages about your company event or other milestone news. If you want to increase the chances of your pitch being read, remember KISS-keep it short and sweet—less than one page is optimal.

Offer an exclusive

Sure, you probably want the news about your business spread far and wide, but if you’re contacting a journalist, the chances of them picking up your piece will increase if you offer them exclusive rights to the story. 

By focusing on just one journalist at a time, you’ll increase media interest, company exposure and customer awareness, all while generating enhanced goodwill among your journalist connections!

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