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Tips to Keep Your Public Relations Effort Consistent


If you are just starting out in business or find yourself plateauing in profit levels, it’s time to grab the reigns and initiate a proactive public relations plan.  But, how do you keep your PR consistent in a world that is constantly changing?  Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as you think and you have more than enough fodder to keep your company brand top of mind within the traditional and social media spheres!

Stay focused on your core values

All companies have a reason to be in existence, beyond making huge piles of money for the investors, of course. These values represent what you want the customer to get out of your products, and what you would like to eventually become as a company. For instance, if your company engages in frequent charitable activities with and non-organizations, this is something that you would want to publicize and promote to generate continued goodwill.

Make sure your employees understand those values

The people who work for your company are in a lot of ways, also the voice of your company. If they aren’t behind your message 100%, or perhaps don’t understand that message, it can result in them misrepresenting the brand. These honest mistakes are not a poor reflection of your team, but simply that they don’t understand what the brand is about.

You can help strengthen their understanding of the values by having regular meetings or even seminars that talk about what your company thinks is most important. As an example, if you’re a cleaning company that specializes in organic and sustainable products, helping them understand your commitment to the earth in general, is a great way to improve their understanding.

You might also consider giving them the freedom to become brand ambassadors, so that they can speak for the company on social media with confidence.

Quality over quantity

It can be tempting to overload your business resources by participating in a plethora of marketing events, expos and other special functions when you’re trying to boost your bottom line. These tactics take time to execute – anywhere from 3 months to a year or more depending on the particular event- and cutting corners can impact your company negatively if there isn’t enough thought and planning that goes into them. It’s best to revisit your desired client/customer and target events that appeal and attract them.

How customers perceive your business is one of the most important factors in whether they will buy from you. A sound, strategic and authentic public relations plan will ensure that your company’s message speaks from the heart—not from the wallet.  Follow these tips and just watch how the dollars will flow into and infuse your enterprise!

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