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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Public Relations Firm (before you work with them)


The decision to work with a public relations firm is a huge one! More and more companies are partnering with PR firms to strengthen their brand image and improve their marketing strategies. While making the decision to work with a public relations firm can positively impact your business, this can only happen if you work with the rightPR firm. Unfortunately, many companies don’t properly vet PR firms before they work with them, which can lead to disaster. If you and your PR firm aren’t on the same page, someone is going to be disappointed- and it will likely be you and your company. Here are the top five questions to ask a public relations firm before you work with them to guarantee that they are the best fit:

What experience does your firm have in my industry?

Companies in every single industry require PR services. However, that doesn’t mean that every PR firm has experience in every industry. Before signing a contract with a PR firm, it’s important that you know whether they have experience doing PR for other companies in yourindustry. If the firm doesn’t have experience in your industry, they may not know how to best approach your target audience or reach your personal PR goals.

How do you measure results?

An honest PR firm won’t simply guarantee results- they will be able to define the results they can provide. It’s crucial to find out how the PR firm measures results because it will guarantee that you’re on the same page. If they measure results by how many likes your brand’s Facebook has, they may not be legitimate. Experienced PR firms will look beyond the surface metrics and measure specifics, like how much your email list has grown from a specific campaign.

Who will be working directly on my account?

Most business want to work with the most reputable and well-established public relations firms. However, after signing a contract with said firm, they realize that the executive that interviewed them won’t be handling their account; instead, it will be a less experienced employee. This could completely ruin your business, so it’s important to know- before working with a PR firm- who will be working directly on your account.

What digital media strategies would you use for my brand?

The public relations industry has changed drastically over the years. With the growing popularity of digital marketing and social media, any PR firm that you work with should be familiar with these areas. Ask them which digital media strategies they would use for your brand, so you can tell whether they have the necessary experience.

What is your rate for specific services?

It’s important to know the PR firm’s rates before you work with them. However, instead of just asking for their base or hourly rate, ask for the prices of specific and individual services. Also find out if the firm offers a pay-per-performance model! This can guarantee that you and the firm take the risk together- and if they’re willing to take the risk with you, they can likely deliver their promised results.


Before agreeing to work with a specific public relations firm, be sure that they are the best fit for your company. While there are many experienced, knowledgeable, and professional PR firms out there, you don’t want to be stuck with an inexperienced PR agent simply because you didn’t do your research. If you ask your PR firm these five questions- before working with them- you’ll be able to tell if they can provide the services you’re looking for.

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