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Why Social Media and Public Relations Go Hand-in-Hand Pt 1


At the heart of it, public relations is about managing communication between a company and its various publics. Without PR, a company might find it difficult to reach its target audience.  As such, it is an essential element of marketing for business owners and entrepreneurs. Likewise, social media has become a popular and immediate way to communicate with one’s constituencies and can be an effective and exciting extension of a company’s PR effort if orchestrated properly.  Consider these top reasons how PR and social media work so well together.

1.   No secrets

There are no secrets in social media as a consistent and consolidated campaign provides specific information like values, attitudes and lifestyles of your target market. This insight is detected by the amount of likes, dislikes, sharing, and comments circulating across a company’s social platforms. There are also numerous analytical tools available that can help modify, adjust and re-direct the PR effort, if needed.

2.   Share the brand’s message

Marketing can be a waste of time and budget when your audience can’t understand what you are trying to sell them. Public relations professionals work hand-in-hand with social media strategists to share branded content that is original and informative. For instance, any stories covered on traditional media outlets, like radio, TV, newspapers and magazines have online links that become natural fodder for social media content. Synchronizing and leveraging this media activity helps to foster a powerful brand awareness and corporate authority.

3.   Building Relationships

Developing the right media connections is a primary part of public relations.  Journalists, reporters, producers, assignment editors and other influencers have a strong social media presence and engaging in dialogue is yet another way to establish fruitful relationships.

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