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Why Social Media and Public Relations Go Hand-in-Hand Pt 2


If you didn’t get a chance to read Part 1 of this blog post, click here. Public relations has been around for nearly a century and practitioners have experienced undeniable shifts within the field. Here are more reasons why PR and social media are designed to work in tandem. 

1.   Reputation Management

A company’s reputation is everything! It is powerful enough to make or break the company’s selling power. Public relations practitioners can use social media to stay alert and updated on any real-time situations. They can respond to negative comments and pass on valuable information in a timely manner.

2.   Get inbound traffic

Your PR effort should include creating social media posts and product updates around specific story links. This is an effective way to generate inbound traffic to a company website and increase sales. In fact, you can aim your social media strategy toward getting clicks, which benefits Google ranking and conversion rates.

3.   Two-way Communication

Social media and public relations create a 2-way street for compelling communication. It is easy to hold conversations with the target market, receive feedback to be implemented and guarantee customer satisfaction using both strategies in real-time.

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